Operation Panther Squeeze

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Operation Panther Squeeze
Date10 December 2003
Result 15 primary targets were captured with a total of 41 enemy personnel taken for questioning
United States United States
Iraq New Iraqi Government
Iraqi insurgency
Commanders and leaders
Not Reported Unknown
Casualties and losses
None None

On 10 December 2003, paratroopers from 3rd Brigade, 82d Airborne Division with the assistance of Iraqi police conducted Operation Panther Squeeze. The operation was part of the Iraq War.


Operation Panther Squeeze was a series of 18 raids in Lutafiyah to kill or capture individuals believed to be responsible for the attack against Spanish forces on 29 November.[1]

During the raids, 15 primary targets were captured with a total of 41 enemy personnel taken for questioning. Those captured included the cell leader Abu Abdullah, an intelligence officer, financier, and a doctor who treated terrorists so they can avoid treatment at local hospitals, and the actual attackers.[1]

A vehicle was also confiscated that may have been used in the recent assassination of the Lutafiyah police chief.[1]

American units[edit]

  • 3rd Brigade, 82d Airborne Division
  • 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division

Iraqi units[edit]

  • Iraqi Police

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