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Name: Christian Edward Gruber
Gender: Male
Birth Date: I'm Not Telling
Location: Great White North
Occupation: Consultant
Religion: Methodological Atheism. Inspired by the Bahá'í Faith as well as taoist and Aiki principles
Politics: Non-Partisan with Voluntaryist and Anarchist leanings.
Aliases: Oh you'ld like to know...
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Who Am I

So I have no time in my life to be making bios, yet somehow I scrape enough to play with userboxen and edit wikipedia articles. What up with that... er... yo.

I speak and write a few languages, shown in the terribly ridiculous number of boxes on the right. I'm working on Arabic next, while I beef up the current ones. Someday I'll speak an east-asian language... maybe Mandarin... who knows?


Articles I've started or substantially altered[edit]

Articles I've contributed to[edit]

Other projects[edit]

  • Wikipedia:Criticism is something I'd like to see improved and implemented as a guideline, to avoid needless talk-page thrashing over how to handle contentious views.
  • Occasional re-working of pages like Bahá'í divisions and other contentious pages rife with disagreement, in order to keep everyone's views, but present them in an NPOV context.
  • This is old, but I did some work on religious wikipedian categories and some Baha'i-related templates.
  • User:ChristianEdwardGruber/index My sandboxes and other user pages.


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